Executive Coaching

When you want to...

  • set the right goals (no should’s and could’s!)
  • create the most competitive strategy
  • tap into your resources
  • be more effective and influencial with others
  • have the best performance (e.g. project implementation)
  • prevent burn-out
  • resolve internal and external conflicts
  • enhance internal communication
  • harmonise multinational cultures
  • create work-life balance for best quality of life
  • identify and fully live your core values for your harmony
  • enable personal growth

„What does it cost not to invest into yourself....?”

Life Coaching

When you want to...

  • turn dreams into plans and into reality
  • put your Life into persperctive
  • become financially independent and have a healthy money flow
  • change caereer, get promoted, reduce work hours
  • perform work that expresses your values and brings fulfillment
  • set your boundaries
  • identity your key personal values for to create the life that you want
  • enable personal growth
  • become much more attractive to others – on the inside and on the outside
  • create for yourself an extraordinary life

Get Clarity, Inspiration and Support to live the Life YOU want!

Stress Management

When you want to...

  • reduce stress level for life quality and long term results
  • avoid burn-out
  • keep long-term commitment of your key employees
  • help resolve internal conflicts through mediation
  • helps companies save valuable time and significant costs

Our organisational psychologists, NLP experts and kinesology specialists can help you maximise performance. These services are provided to companies on a regular, long-term basis and by 1-2 days Workshops.

PDFStress Management Program

Management Workshops

When the management team wants to...

  • „let the steam out” for more effective team work
  • improve the internal communication
  • achieve to „sit in the same boat”
  • set common goals for team development
  • have an external mediator to resolve internal conflicts
  • identify and implement common values in the company
  • identify areas to strengthen and develop
  • manage organisational change effectively
  • effectively integrate company cultures after M&A

Motivational Speaking

Tailor-made workshops to...

  • build high performance teams
  • enhance the team members’ personal belief system
  • achieve personal leadership in action
  • enable mindset and behavioural change
  • help create work-life balance

NEW! Career Management Workshop / Young Talents Program

Other on-demand workshops available in English, German and Hungarian languages


Indoor and outdoor trainings to...

  • explore each others’ strenghts and personal values
  • maximise synergy
  • create team spirit
  • empower team members
  • enhance motivation
  • increase team performance
  • strengthen company culture

We recommend Teambuilding to be combined with Management Workshops for most effectiveness.


Some examples of our 1-2 days seminars...

  • „Effective Stress Management Tools”
  • „Create Quality in your Life by Coaching”
  • „The soft and hard core effects of company reorganisation – optimal solutions”
  • „The Manager Woman is not a Man”
  • round-table discussions
  • community building events

Our Seminars are delivered in Hungarian, English and German languages.

Please contact us for your tailor-made seminar or speech!


Empower Your Managers by our...

  • Executive Outplacement Services
  • Virtual Outplacement Services
  • Career Transition Workshops

We support your Managers during their career transition to...

  • put their Life into new perspectives
  • explore and develop their talents
  • identify the right goals
  • implement their „Plan”
  • leverage on their experience
  • get in touch with the right networks

Borealis Partners works with best-in-class psychologists, outplacement experts and human resources specialists to ensure best results.